Journey to the Mesa (Part 2)

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So it’s been a few days (real days) since I started the trek to the mesa plateau and building, carving, and riding a well-worn path there.  I’m now about a quarter of the way there.  Soon I’ll have to turn south and start bridging the gap between the northern part of the path and the desert to the south.  For now it looks to be a half day’s journey by donkey from the city to the halfway house (at least before the path turns) I built along the path.

Halfway House to Mesa

The turn south is just ahead, way past the house.  Speaking of the house.  It’s made from stone bricks, hardwood oak floors (aka oak planks), iron exterior doors, wooden interior ones, and glass panes.  There’s a supplies closet, three beds (each with a personal inventory chest), and all the basics you need to smelt and craft.  All it needs now is a nice roof.  Then I’ll be back to path carving and building.

Oh, and happy July 4th (Independence Day) to my fellow Americans!  ‘Merica!  (I can still hear fireworks going off by ones and twos in the background.)

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