Journey to the Mesa (Part 1)

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Today begins the greatest journey possibly attempted on a survival server: a far trek across two continents to a mesa plateau!  Okay, perhaps I’m exaggerating a (little) bit.  In all fairness, this is a journey across many biomes and roughly a straight shot of 3000 blocks.  To make things easier on followup adventurers, I’m going to attempt to light up a crude path on the way there.  That means I’ll be building over-water bridges and plopping down torches from point A to point B.

As you can see from the larger overview (as viewed in Amidst):

Seed Amidst Overview

Note: The red-roofed house represents the world spawn for our particular seed.  However, we’ve moved that to the city proper, which is the light green valley north of the gray area (mountains).

You’ll noticed that the mesa is actually west-by-southwest.  I’ll be trying to stay landed as much as possible and avoid building any serious above-water bridges.  This is to help preserve the natural environment as much as possible (low environmental impact) and make traveling by animal (horses, ponies, and mules) easier.  Down the road, it would be nice to expand our fledging elevated railroad all the way to the mesa plateau.  That may be asking too much though considering the distance and time-consuming effort that would involve for those involved.  The train ride, however, would be spectacular!

Tonight I already started constructing the first river crossing bridge just west of the western NPC village.  It crosses from the village’s plains to the roofed forest next door.  I’ll be moving due west for the time being until I get to the double peninsula (it has a explosive-looking lake above it).

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